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Year Round Activities

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Year round

Year Round Activities

Adventure Walk

Take in the scenery as you make your way up the 500 steps. It’s a leisurely 20-minute walk to the top, with breathtaking views and photo opportunities!

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iSithumba – MTB Adventure Guided

Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Valley of 1000 Hills, only 45 min drive west of central Durban. Why not make a family day out and take one of our picnic baskets to enjoy the scenery, peace and quiet before or after your experience?

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eNanda- Guided Hiking and Nature Trail

The trails are excellent for bird watching and finding out about the rich ecology in this drier thornveld area. Our guides for the trails are experienced and have a great knowledge of the local area’s trees, birds and history.

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eNanda – MTB Adventure Unguided

Bring your bike and join our magnificent trails. The Inanda Dam and its surroundings, located only 30 minutes drive from Durban, is the perfect place for adventure sports.

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Bird Watching

An astonishing birding experience along the uMngeni River Valley in Durban. One of the best spots around KwaZulu-Natal to be searching for the rare and elusive African Finfoot.

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Woza eNanda – Ohlange Trail

Discover the life of the first ANC president and his heritage left behind. This rich history and culture determines the present way of how the folk in this township live.

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