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Good Thing You Can Always Find A Spar



Bags packed. Check. Car fuelled. Check. Playlist loaded. Check.House sitter all set with the keys and a how to guide for feeding the dogs, cats and goldfish. Check. Kids are piled into the back seat with their electronic devices fully charged. DOUBLE CHECK. And you’regood to go.

Its an incredible, although unexpected, pleasure to road trip in and around South Africa, our beautiful KwaZulu-Natal province included. There is so much to see and experience. Its the sort of thing that you cant appreciate a few thousand miles up in the sky, by word of mouth or even in photographs. Rolling green hills, winding roads, landmarks, mountain ranges, game reserves, you name it, we’ve got it, and this summer you’re invited to enjoy it.

Most travelers both local and from other provinces will be pointing their cars in the direction of the sea this season, at which point, the ones that live there, pack their bags and head inland. But either way, there is no shortage of beauty on display, so we’d like to recommend you take the long way around and really soak it in.

A slow meander through the province will show you many hidden gems and treasures and the good news is, whatever direction you choose whether you follow the map or fall off the grid (accidentally or on purpose) there will be more than a few incredible SPAR stores lining the way to wherever it is you are going.

Packed full of quality and convenience, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more. Whether the kids are hungry, or you just want to stretch your legs. Whether you’re stocking up on food for the holiday, or just need takeout for the evening. Whether you’re feeling like a home cooked meal without having to cook it yourself (you’re on holiday after all) or want to pick up some freshly baked cheese rolls from our bakery, SPAR have you covered. In fact, SPAR has KZN covered.

So, wed like to take this opportunity to invite you to enjoy our province and everything it has to offer. Including us. We promise, well only add to the experience.

Proof that for every kind of person (or need) there is every kind of SPAR.