Hilton Durban Appoints Janine Fourie as Executive Chef

DURBAN, South Africa – October 30, 2017 – Hilton Durban announced the appointment of Janine Fourie as executive chef.

Markus Fritz, general manager, Hilton Durban, said, “We are excited to see what Janine can bring to our culinary team. Her versatility and passion for food will undoubtedly reflect positively on her peers and her extensive experience throughout the world will provide new twists and innovation to our food offering.” She will oversee all of Hilton Durban’s food offerings and will remain the Big Easy Ambassador.

This South African born chef has spent the last 2 years of her career honing her craft and supervisory skills in an internationally design awarded restaurant – The Big Easy Winebar & Grill Durban by Ernie Els. Fourie started with this brand new restaurant and the first partnership in the world by Ernie Els, by overseeing what the kitchen layout would be, catering to numerous dignitaries as well as events inside the Private Dining area or at the Chef’s Table and to designing its primary menu. Since then her menu engineering has made these menus a flagship for both of Els’ new Big Easy Restaurants in Miami and Dubai.

Fourie brings more than a decade of experience to her new role at Hilton Durban. In her former role as Head Chef at the Big Easy Winebar & Grill Durban by Ernie Els, also situated inside the Hilton Durban, where she was handpicked to run the restaurant, from before its opening in October 2015 to now. Janine says, “Good quality food inspires me. Only by appreciating your ingredients and gathering knowledge about them, can you produce a truly divine culinary experience.”

“I love working with different ingredients that create new and exciting dishes. Cooking is about creating an experience and I hope that my new flavors and approach will create memorable moments for all our guests,” says Janine Fourie.

Executive Chef Fourie, who completed her professional chef diploma at the Granger Bay Hotel School in Cape Town, brings 16 years of local and international experience to her new position, such as Executive Chef at Knai Bang Chatt, a boutique hotel in Cambodia and aboard the Relais & Chateaux luxury cruiseliner, Worldwide.

Janine Fourie new executive chef

Janine Fourie new executive chef