It’s all smooth sailing from here

Why walk the tour when you can glide it? Explore everything the stadium has to offer while you effortlessly and smoothly coast through its ins-and-outs.

After a quick 15-minute training session, you’ll set off on your journey with your qualified Segway tour operator. Enjoy the smooth ride and show off your ‘Segway Smile’ – the smile you can’t help but wear on a Segway ride.

Your tour guide will share his wealth of stadium knowledge, all while you enjoy the wind in your helmet and take in the scenery.

Whether you just want to go on the Moses Mabhida All Access Tour, or want to cover the promenade and beyond, there’s a wide range of Segway Gliding Tours to suit every glider.

Operating Hours

Tours daily from 8am to 4pm

Pricing (per person)

  • 45min Express Tour: R230 per person
  • 1 Hour Beach Glide: R280 per person
  • Full Stadium Glide: R290 per person
  • Stadium & Beach Glide: R440 per person
  • Ushaka Glide: R480 per person
    (no children under 10)



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