Get Sea & Sun Savvy with these handy beach safety tips!


1. Learn to Swim!

2. BEACH: Always swim between the red and yellow flags

3. POOL: Always swim where lifeguards are on duty, or where there is qualified supervision

4. DAM OR RIVER: Always consider how deep the dam or river is before entering the water

5. Don’t swim when you are on medication, or have been drinking alcohol

4. BEACH: Always swim with a friend and stay close to the shore

5. POOL: Always swim with a friend and stay within your depth

6. DAM OR RIVER: Always swim with a friend and stay within your depth

7. Children are to be under the supervision of an adult at all times

8. Check the weather and water conditions before swimming. Never swim at night or get into the water during a storm

9.If in difficulty, raise a hand above your head. Do not panic conserve your energy. Help will arrive

10.Stay away from rocks, dangerous edges, moving logs, floating debris and drainages. Don’t run around the pool

11.Be sun smart! Apply sunblock, wear protective clothing and drink lots of water

12.Do not leave your belongings unattended

13.Respect the water and the environment

14. Understand and avoid rip currents

15. For your own safety, pay attention to safety advice rom lifeguards

16. Observe the safety signs! They help you identify potential dangers and daily conditions at the beach

17. Use emergency intercoms at all First Aid stations, any time you need to. Report any injuries or illness to the lifeguards on duty. Be loud and clear. Give as much information as possible.