The Great Moscow Circus WOWS Durban!

The Great Moscow Circusis now showing under the mighty big top at Suncoast in Durban

Hello Durban! The Great Moscow Circus is in town and wowed Durban audiences at its opening night performance under the mighty big top at Suncoast.

The Great Moscow Circus amazed, mesmerized and thrilled full houses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth with spectacular acts from artists around the world – and Durban was no exception.

From daring acrobats, death-defying daredevils and much much more. Adults and children alike were entertained throughout the two-hour spectacular.

Our troupe is delighted to be on Durban shores. We pride ourselves in meeting new people, visiting new places and thrilling audiences said Lizzie Coles, the shows Executive Producer.

Our artists hail from various parts of the world Russia, Cuba, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, USA and Mexico.

Each performer has been carefully selected by international producer and Director of Theatre Tours International, Andrew Guild, who thrives on delivering world class entertainment.

If after entering the mighty big top, you become immersed in the magic and sheer beauty of the circus, our job will be done. When the lights go down, audiences will be transported to a magical world that will forever be etched in the minds of even the most discerning circus goers.

Amidst all the brilliance and splendour that circus entertainment brings, often forgotten are the personal sacrifices by the star performers who pull out all the stops to deliver world class acts whilst also risking their lives.

With an understanding that travel comes with the territory, artists often say that family visits to their hometown are rare – usually adding up to about one month a year scattered with spontaneous visits in between

However, the artists also agree that meeting new people, traveling to new places, and entertaining and delighting audiences is undoubtedly their greatest reward.

When asked why people should go out and watch the circus, Quick Change Transformationsts Sixto and Lucia said: It is the greatest art from in the world. In a good circus, you can experience everything – fear, excitement, beauty, danger, everything.

In expression of the duos passion for performing, a famous quote by Federico Felini was cited: The circus is not only a show – its also an experience, a voyage through astonishment, the imagination, mockery, the absurd and the denial of cold logic. It is unique; the real show.

Brazilian-born Oscar Giglio Espinola, one of the performers in the dangerous yet riveting Globe of Death motorcycle act, is born into the fourth generation of circus performers.

The motorbike act is something that my great grandfather was also famous for, and it has been in my family for generations: Great grandfather, grandfather, father, cousins, and uncles. It was a tradition I wanted to continue.

Oscar affirms that in nearly every festival that the group performed, they have scooped awards, most of which are from competitions around Europe.

Sascha Williams, 28, feels like a rock star when he takes centre stage. In defying the ultimatum his family gave him to choose between school and the circus, he has never looked back on his decision. His act is driven by the need to do something jaw-dropping and extraordinary.

The scintillating Rola Bola act provides nail-biting tension that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats.

It takes years of practice, nerves of steel and of course talent, to be able to confidently perform at the world-famous Great Moscow Circus, added Coles.

Our artists leave behind loved ones and all their home comforts. However, the team spirit that prevails is of mutual support, camaraderie, humour and motivation.

After all, the show must go on. When the lights go down, all fears and troubles are left behind.