The ever popular TINMAN Triathlon Series presented by Zone3 which has been in existence for well over 15yrs, is set to light up the South African Triathlon Scene once again starting 23rd April. While the rest of the country goes into slumber over the winter months, Durban is alive and kicking as they host the only draft legal triathlon series in Africa that takes place in the months of April, July, August and October.

With the favourable climate in existence on the East Coast during the winter months, The Tinman Triathlon Series is able to deliver up a triathlon event that ensures the triathlon scene stays very much alive over the chilly months with some fast paced racing action.

Seen at the latest Tinman Triathlon Series on Sunday, 23 July were:

The next Tinman Triathlon Series takes place on Sunday, 29 October at Suncoast Casino from 7AM.