Cones In Paraplegic Parking Bays

The UIP is taking the rights of disabled drivers seriously with the installation of a 1.8m cone in each of the 3 paraplegic parking bays in Chartwell Drive. Park Smart street monitors like Moses Musa will check for paraplegic parking permit and move the cones when required. Read on here

Get Your Tickets NOW!

If you haven’t got your tickets for the debut MOVIE ON THE ROCKS outdoor cinema event, what are you waiting for? The perfect way to spend a Saturday night. Popcorn, coffee, ice cream and so much more available for purchase on the night. Click here for all the important details. 

Sealing Fibre Glass Railings 

GOOD NEWS: The UIP has received the paint product required to seal the fibre glass railing on the promenade balustrades and will began painting on Monday 3rd December. Wear and tear exposed the fibreglass core and while the UIP did seal the sections at the swimming beaches in May this year, the railing in between the beaches was still exposed. Get the latest uMhlanga Rocks news by clicking here

Wifi Enabled uMhlanga Beaches

uMhlanga’s beaches are now wifi-enabled thanks to FREE WIFI installed by 123net at key points along the promenade. Happy surfing. Get the latest uMhlanga Rocks news by clicking here

Reddam House Lends Helping Hand

On Wednesdady the 5th of November, a group of about 200 Reddam House Umhlanga senior learners descended on uMhlanga Rocks to help the UIP with a range of landscaping, dune rehabilitation and cleaning projects, right the way along the promenade and beaches. Continue reading this story. 

Christmas Dining Out Options

If you’re looking to skip the hustle and bustle of preparing an all-out Christmas lunch or dinner this year but still want to treat family and friends to a delicious meal. Take a look at some of the delectable dining out options in uMhlanga Rocks this Christmas.  View optionshere

uMhlanga Summer Festival​

The annual uMhlanga Summer Festival brings a myriad of family-centred holiday activities to uMhlanga for the 2018 festive season for visitors and locals alike, from Friday 14 –  Sunday 23 December. Read on for all the details.

Load Shedding – uMhlanga Rocks

With load shedding taking place all over the country at the moment. Please view the Load Shedding Schedule to find out about load shedding times in the area. According to the schedule uMhlanga Rocks falls under Zone 9

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