“What to expect when you’ve expected”
Daisy Spencer

It’s 2:25 in the morning. Your eyes feel like they have rocks in them and your feet like anchors are tied to them, and yet somehow, you manage to drag your exhausted self out of bed and stumble across the room you are determined to keep in total darkness to cater to your little bundle of joys’ every whim and fancy. And so begins, what you pray will only take an hour, the process of serving up a healthy portion of milk, followed by an epic burping session, a change of diaper, and to round it all off, a rendition of ‘My Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music, sung in a perfect top C!

Two and a half hours later, when you’ve just about lost the will to live and, “where’s he, where’s he, where’s he…”,are the only words you are capable of muttering, you finally give in to the fact that looking like an extra from The Walking Dead is a look you are just having to make work. As you witness the sun rising for the thirtieth time that month, you realise that even though family and friends warned you about how difficult it was going to be, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the reality of what to expect when you’ve expected!

“What to expect when you’ve expected” is a one-woman, stand-up comedy show, written and performed by Daisy Spencer. It takes a comical look at the first few months after giving birth, shedding light on the truth about what raising a child really entails; the details family and friends don’t warn you about. Some topics and issues covered include: sleep deprivation, the pros of no longer being pregnant, the cons of no longer being pregnant,5 people you will hate after giving birth and, the ‘helpful’ neighbour who always has advice, to name a few. Whether you’re first time parents, or done it 3 times over, whether you are family or friends of the superheroes known as parents, you will have a good laugh at this exclusive and ridiculously truthful look into the world of parenting.


Sunday, 27 November 2016 – Show starts 14.00 – Durban

Sunday, 27 November 2016 – Show starts 18.30 – Durban

(Venue opens 90 minutes before show for meal)


Rhumbelow Theatre
42 Cunningham Rd, Umbilo


Bring food picnic baskets.

(Braais will be available should you wish to cook some meat – DBN ONLY)

Bar Available (no alcohol may be brought on to the premises)


Booking is essential.

Limited secure parking available

R 140-00 a ticket

Pensioners & Block Bookings (8 or more) R 120-00

Book at COMPUTICKET or phone or email Roland for bookings and get that money rolling in.

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Cell: 082 499 8636

Email: roland@stansell.za.net