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Why all the Buzz about Beluga

Why all the Buzz about Beluga

“At Beluga we believe in building enduring relationships with our diners. We achieve this by preparing only the highest quality of food, and by serving our guests with style and grace”.

Situated on Gateway’s vibrant promenade, Beluga presents a haven for those looking for quality dining and a touch of glamour. Beluga specialises in French-Asian fusion cuisine and professionally hand-crafted sushi. A wide variety of seafood and red meat options are also on the menu, to tempt even the fussiest foodie.

With accomplished, hands-on chef Steven Kruger as culinary choreographer, you can almost anticipate a drum roll when dishes such as The Showstopper are presented at your table. From entree to nal act, every dish oers perfectly-balanced avours and expert creative execution. This is the art of cuisine!

The Showstopper

Superb 260g portion of AAA Karan Beef Fillet, grilled to your perfection, accompanied by true-oil-infused buttered mash potato, balsamic-glazed cont baby onions, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and oven-roasted bone
marrow, nished with an aromatic rosemary jus.

031 584 7430 infodbn@beluga.co.za www.beluga.co.za
Shop G347 | Gateway Theatre of shopping | Umhlanga Ridge

why-the-buzz-belugaThere is a steamy story to be told about what goes on behind the scenes in Beluga’s kitchen. The mise en place – a French culinary term for the preparation that goes into food before service – is not restricted to quality produce. The manner in which the culinary team expertly bring all the ingredients together to create each delectable dish, is not left to chance. It is a culmination of natural flair, unquenchable passion and precise skill – the latter being hard-earned through years of hands-on experience. Consider how the mere art of chopping an onion takes hours and hours of teary practise. There is more than one kind of heat in the kitchen, as we all know after watching reality shows featuring celebrity chefs. It takes a tough person to keep a level head when the pressure is on!

Chef Steven Kruger is such a person. An artist and an innovator by nature, he chops, dices, whisks, sears and sizzles up mouthwatering masterpieces to the diners’ delight. When waitrons emerge from the kitchen it is wonderful to see how the patrons’ eyes light up with unbridled anticipation. Eating starts with the eyes and satisfaction ends, not in the belly but in the soul.

“Coming to Head Beluga,and being surrounded by such an inspired team, has been an amazingly uplifting experience for me. It has truly allowed my passion and creativity for food to flourish”


Steven donned his first chef jacket at the age of eighteen, as commis chef at Lynton Hall on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Under the mentorship of Chef Richard Carstens, Steven worked his way up the ladder, whilst studying part time towards a professional chef qualification through Intec College. By the age of 23 he was amply equipped to take over the reigns as Head Chef, a position which he held for two years, during which time he scooped up an American Express platinum five star award for fine dining.

After seven years spent South of Durban, Chef Steven moved on to gain experience in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, where he was offered the opportunity of working beside Chef Mike Basset. While heading up the esteemed chef’s flagship restaurant, Shoga, Steven achieved another American Express Platinum Five Star award for fine dining. He then went on to assist with the opening of Portofino restaurant, which allowed him to branch into Italian modern fine-dining cuisine. A year later he was given the chance to reunite with his mentor, Richard Carstens, as his right-hand-man at Nova. During this time he was inducted into the gastronomic world of molecular nouvelle cuisine.

His extensive experience includes heading up The Opal Lounge Restaurant as well as the Romanza le Restaurant in Malaysia, where he explored the fusion of French and Mediterranean flavours. Further developing his taste for international flavours, and finding his sea legs aboard the Super-yacht Unbridled, Chef Steven tasted (and cooked) his way to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain and the USA. Having disembarked, he now continues on terra firma to incorporate all these exquisite flavours, creativity and skill he has accumulated over the years into the dishes that are served at Beluga. Diners can look forward to a journey of taste in every mouthful.